The Amphibious Flying Club

PPL (Private Pilots License)

To achieve a PPL you will have to complete at least 45 hours flying instruction of which 25 hours are dual and 10 hours are solo. This solo time includes a cross-country with one flight of 150nm during which you land at two other airfields.

You will be required to pass written exams and the radio telephony oral exam. Finally you take a PPL Skill Test of around 2 hours flight time, which tests your ability in both navigation and general aircraft handling.

All these hours will be flown under the direction of a Qualified Flying Instructor and in accordance with the EASA-FCL approved syllabus.

Ground Exams
There are seven written papers, covering the subjects of:
• Air Law,
• Human Performance
• Navigation & Radio Aids
• Meteorology
• Aircraft General
• Flight Performance & Planning
• Radio Telephony

All the exam papers consist of multi-choice questions and a Radio Telephony practical exam.

You can study for these exams at home using course books available from our pilot shop, and/or one-to-one tuition carried out by our experienced ground tutor/examiner. The exams are taken at suitable points during the course of your flight training.

The exams apply to both the EASA/PPL and the NPPL.