The Amphibious Flying Club

Price List

These rates are the same wether your paying dual to gain your PPL, Night, or even your IMC (IR Restricted)!!

(Prices in brackets are for members only)

(You must be a member of which all privileges of the membership will still apply. Hour building packages are for solo hire only 7 days a week. Weekends will be subjected to availability or minimum hours flown (if you were to take a plane for the weekend for instance). 10 hour package must be flown within 4 months, 20 hours within 6 months)


PPL Membership


Our membership is in no way mandatory! But for the PPL who wants a good deal and is planning to fly a fair bit over a year, it may be beneficial to you! Benefits include the lower prices bracketed above including:

-£10p/h off Dual and Solo rates

- The lower prices listed in bracketsa above

-10% off our Amphibious Clothing

-Access to our Hour Building Packages

-Opportunity to carry out our maintenance transit flights to Prestwick for half price!

-You will also recieve an Amphibious Flying Club membership card which doubles up as an 8Gb USB.