The Amphibious Flying Club


EGAB Enniskillen Airport

Welcome to The Amphibious Flying Club. A family ran business based at the beautiful Enniskillen Airport, an ideal location for all flight training with its freedom from controlled airspace but the proximity to International Airports such as Belfast International (Aldergrove) and Knock (Connaught) Airport also make it a perfect place to carry out Instrument training for the IMC and soon the Instrument Rating! We have dedicated instructors that are assigned to you. We have new offices arriving in November with an application for an ATO status going in to match. We have a good student community ranging from the student who is flying for fun, to the student who is going on to complete their commercial pilots licence.

The Amphibious Flying Club was originally set up for seaplane training. Fermanagh being the ideal place with the proximity and access to the Lough Erne providing over 300 square miles of water to train in. Due to a rather large demand for PPL training in the area, The Amphibious Flying Club became the resident flying school of Enniskillen Airport. We now have a sister company, Lakeland Seaplane Tours, that provides pleasure flights, wedding flights, and charter flights. With an AOC (Air Operators Certificate) LST can quote for pretty much anything you have in mind. To check out Lakeland Seaplane Tours website

It's that time of year when flying schools and clubs all around the UK start offering the Night qualification! Flying at night is one of the most spectacular experiences as a pilot! Not only does it offer some pretty spectacular views, but it also offers a range of new challenges for a pilot. The flight training shall include 5 hours overall flight time which must include 3 hours dual night training including 1 hour dual night navigation and 5 take off and full stop landings solo. For the PPL it offers a lot more freedom, especially during the winter time, and for the PPL wishing to go on to complete their commercial, the night qualification is credited to your CPL course as well. For more information Click Here.

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